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The World Society what separates the elite from the elites

World Society Gala
Once a year, the World Society organizes ‘the most exclusive gala in the world’. Players on the political and economic stage will be there, along with decision-makers of the world, members of high society and members of the World Society. Those who make and determine the future of our world meet up for a unique night of beauty, glamour and elegance intermingled with a luxurious extravaganza.

World Society Yearbook
The yearbook of the world’s most important people. It will be consulted by the top people in politics, economics and society. It is distributed to all members of the World Society and on restricted and selective sale in the rest of the world. In years to come, the World Society’s yearbook will become a reference guide to the elite and powerful of the world. Being listed in this yearbook will be a highly coveted privilege, marking the separation of the elite from the elites.


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